Sunday, December 19, 2010

some days

Some days just seem so difficult, no matter how hard you try you feel like you are trying to swim up hill through quicksand....yes I know I have juxtuaposed a few images there but you get it....
 We are trying to get some orders out against a tight deadline for The Stitching Project, which can be very difficlut in India....everyone thinks it quite OK to say definitely and then shrug when nothing has happened....I think we are going to make it though....
 My hands are black, smoke is still stinging my eyes from boiling pots and pots of cloth to colour it....
we have ladies we are giving Stitching work too, lately they all seem on holidays or something, yet we have clients waiting for their work and they definietly want the money they earn???? what is thehold up????
 Just have to keep focus on the fact that even after the darkest night the sun will eventually come....
 and at the moment with our cold and misty mornings [yes I currently need to wear socks and a cardigan in the morning] the sunrises are magnificent!
 Such a releif to see this small pile of treasure packed and now posted....I think we are getting into the swing of things and will be sending bundles more often....see the pile of stuff on the table behind, also on our "to do" list....hang stuff and decorate our house!!
 Working hard on plans to convert our place to offer Homestay and workshops.....Praveen keeps coming home with new will be a real Indian Farm stay soon.
 Baba in overcoat- he hates the cold and is a little cranky for it....
 Our newest aquisition Matilda the cow. Nearly 2 years old and in calf; who will be milking her in 6 months time?
She is currently a bit shy, not to shy to eat alll the leaves on my mulberry tree....looking at her picture she needs some trinkets on her collar doesn't she
 We also have a camel cart...I know this picture is a bit blurry but it should help give an impression of the ride you can expect!!
very useful for picking up supplies in town [I use the car,  Mukesh our caretaker uses the cart!] and with a matress and cover it is good for camel cart rides. Baba has been earning his dinner most days taking clients our for rides....good boy
Lots happening and the sun is glorious each day.....just need to remeber somtimes to stop and appreciate it!

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