Tuesday, January 04, 2011

One hotel down...we are moving home

 We have been running 2 hotels for some time now, and a very big job it is. Tourism the world over is very slow and so it means for all the enrgy we put in returns are not there....and with our first hotel there is the added element of the owners being very difficult people and always in your face.
We are really thankful for the start the first hotel has given us in Pushkar, through being there we have met many wonderful people, lots about working together, much about managing staff; a real eye opener to me as work practices are much different here to Australia....
We do enjoy working with tourists, we are really concerned about providing a good experience for them.
We love our own home and being there, so we are developing the idea of a Homestay...work for us, but in a much more managable way, we won't be paying out huge rents to owners who won't do any maintainance, so we will be able to provide much better quality accomodation, home cooked meals, and a farm experience...
we are excited by the idea!

 Farewell Hotel OPP 1, thanks for the experience, we are so happy to move along as well.
 A few weeks ago we went exploring in Govindgarh...the initail impulse centred on visiting the jooti wallah and ordering a new pair of shoes.....underlying that was to check out his workmanship [we already know he produces quality work Praveen has a pair of his shoes he has given a real thrashing to for over a year and they still look great!] So I took an old pair I love and asked him to copy them....he has done a wonderful job.
Next is to get a drawing of my mates foot and see if he can make a pair that will fit her [Dawn hurry up and post it!] .....then all going well, I can offer bespoke shoes for people....work for him, if we don't spend money with local craft people how will they continue?, also income for us...I am going to draw up some stitching designs myself and sell a few on etsy I think....there are a lot of other jooti wallahs in the same town....hmmm
Notice traditional Indian shoes don't come with a left and right....you wear them a few days and they mold to suit your feet.
Praveen is just taking the boys home to Delhi....it is so quiet at the moment...I miss them. Still this visit was a huge success and many more will follow. Fantastic.

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love the shoes!