Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Things I take for granted

I use the blogger and facebook to keep up with friends, seems both have their own crowd, and I do appreciate the connectivity it gives me living way over here in India...the world is a very small place sometimes! Remind me of that the next time I have to fly to Australia....it takes such a lonnnnnggggg time....another story.
 Yesterday on Facebook I was commenting about things I take for granted having lived most of my life in Australia and now making my home in the developing world.
Electricity and or the lack of it was what prompted my comments yesterday, since then I have been thinking of many things I am grateful for and things I take for granted.
 Look at my lovely stash a saris, I am busily working through organizing them and sorting them out for various client's projects....it took 3 attempts to actually find and meet up with the sari wallah....each time I would ring, he would say he would be there in 10 mins so I would head over, and then he would not turn up....it is just him [and in India you don't say NO, you just act vague , as well I suppose] but I do take it for granted when you are saying you will do something, you are actually going to do it.....
 anyway finally persistance paid off,  and I am gloating over my hord....[can't spell that word , today but you get what I mean?] My excuse it is 4.30am...full moon and I can't sleep, must make curtains soon...plus I know electricity will be out at 7.00am....
 Combing colours, and getting them assembled for the Stitching Ladies to work their magic on... we are developing quiet a crowd of women who stitch for us....weeding out a few who are not so good, or finding other things for them to do , if we can....getting to be hard work keeping up the assembling of work to go out, but great when it comes in . I have quiet a large pile of scarves ready to go for a special order and have been developing some other designs to put our PUKKA DESIRABLES label on.... soon they will be seen in NZ

 Here are some finished pieces...almost ready to go in our shop on Our Pukka Place website, perhaps on etsy and some to fly to Australia with me in April.
Do you knwo any shops who might like to stock them?
We will have some jackets and lady's vests coming along soon as well.

Another thing I am getting used to is having staff....not always easy but that is a story for another day; handy  though when you can say "Hey Mukesh, jump on the camel and make a few deliveries for me."....Stitching Ladies are busy again :) yeh!!

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