Saturday, March 12, 2011

Plastic Bags!! Ahh yuk!

India really alerts you to the horror of plastic bags, having very little funds to collect and HIDE rubbish, here it is all put out on th street. So you can see exactly what we are throwing out....Luckily it is a poor country and not yet too heavily into packing. Even so most people's first reaction when arriving here is shock at all the rubbish everywhere.
What would it be like in your street if all the rubbish produced was simply piled outside your house???????
My friend Anita and her husband run a project in Delhi to help create work for impoverished women and to help get rid of plastic....The name of the project is Conserve
here are a few pics she just sent me of a recent exhibition they were in,
She asked please send this message of the danger of plastic bags onto as many people as you can and
Plastic Bag Tornedo Installation
The lump of plastic found inside a [deceased] camel's stomach
Conserve's wall at the exhibition

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