Saturday, June 18, 2011

Murphy's Law

I am usually struggling to get enough work ready for our Stitching Ladies each Friday and Saturday; those days come around so fast and then there are lines of people looking for work...well for some reason I have suddenly got ahead this last week or so and have a whole lot of stuff prepared to go out AND would you believe it- everyone is busy!!
I have a few people waiting on orders across the world and everything is on go slow here. Summer holidays- ladies take their kids and visit their parent's home village, wedding season again- there is always something.

 One woman Suman has being doing great work for us- when she started her first piece was rubbish and I sent it back and said unpick it and do it again- ever since then she has really been focused. We went to visit her at he home just recently because they day she had come for work, which is about a 5 km walk we did not have anything to give her.
So a few days later we drove to her place, just to see where she came from and encourage her- we really want to work with her....welll 2 weeks later she arrives and her work is rubbish again!!
Our fault because we were sweet to her?? she said she had been to a wedding and so not had time, not an excuse when we are constantly so clear about quality.
Oh well she is unpicking and fixing again. The big disappointment for me was I was wanting her to do a sample, a variation on the jacket I wore in Australia- I just loved it and thought others would too.

This is the jacket- it was so comfortable and just the right weight for in between seasons in Oz, if I am lucky here I might wear for a few days in winter- ohh well.
Murphy's Law again and would you believe it the weather has cooled down about 5'- it is now late 30's C rather than mid 40's and I have broken out in a severe case of heat rash- it is driving me crackers- head to foot red rash and itchy- sob, sob, sob. The good side is I have finally found a homeopath I like so I expect to be on the road to recovery very soon.
Workshop is progressing really well, silk wedding tableclothes almost there- think it is going to a beautiful reception.
We are trying to source the fabric we use in the garment manufacturing workshop direct from the mill rather than through the surplus market in Delhi because that way is so unreliable and today we have had big win in cotton lycra- you can't imagine the persistance it takes to be able to boast that here in India 
AND today we receieved in the mail a copy of our proper fully licenced company you know how many years it has taken to find the right questions to ask, the right department, the right accountant to fill the forms....blah, blah, blah...once again you can't begin to believe the determination that has gone into getting that one piece of paper, and we have it!! another big yippee today.
  And Out of the blue someone rang last night selling silk organza- this is very popular in Pukka Components packs and we have been unable to souce it for the last year or so...
tha Gods are really smiling on us at the moment- thank you Universe.

a bit of a ramble but this has been one big day, ful of many blessings- things really starting to fire along, and our Stitching Ladies will be back in full force soon I am sure.

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robinfelt said...

Only you would have the endurance and persistence to make things a success there! Congratulations on the payoffs that will keep you going strong. And taking the time to share with your loyal fans :)

Here's to inspirations shared between us!