Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The guys from the workshop have been hatching something for a few days....and spilled the beans yesterday.
Dasrath and Sagir- two of our younger guys have recently bought themselves a motorbike- a big day here. Regular employment with us has certainly contributed to help that along....then Papu-ji [our production manager who is quite a charchater] was saying something at lunch a few days ago [I only catch half of what's said most of the time but I knew it was leading up to something] ...oh yes and no celebration for Ranjit's motorbike or Papu's motoerbike....
what to do?
Ranjit and Papu's bikes we supply as part of the workshop deal....but they certainly add to their status and convenience having them.

 Anyway the long and short of it was a celebration was needed. Usually when we have a works dinner [every month or so] we supply everything but this time the guys were incistant they bring all along. We have a strick rule nothing like a party at the workshop itself [it is in a residential area and we like to know exactly what happens there] so we use our farm house.
 Everyone trooped in after work and worked togather as a good tema slicing and dicing to Papu's direction.
A fantastic fish fry - fish rolled in a powered spice mix and then rolled in semolina and fried off- stunning and a fish curry, many chapatis and a little whiskey.
All in all the many 'new' motorbikes were well celebrated with a good team effort.
 I know they are all grown men, but they are rather sweet sometimes, it felt like having a bunch of excited boys in last night. I crashed out before everyone left and got up to find the kitchen a bit of a disaster but attempts had been made on the washing up and sorting out- a blackout hampered the finishing of that Praveen explained. Nice boys :)
 Otherwise I am in a little tizz wizz, yes I can hear you say so what's new? I am sorting and packing for Australia and my incarnation as a textile trader.
I have sorted in my mind where we are going with our Pukka Components block print fabic and have some ready to go to the printer to-day....wondering if people would use the heavy weight hand loom as well?
It softens up very nicely- ohh I should ask Dijanne she has been using some in her traveller's blankets....dahhh??
 As you can see chasing my tail- another question- I have a couple of these coal fired irons- probably more for deorative use than as a working item [I have considered them for black outs here and decided to go crumpled. Praveen, clever man took one look at the weight of it and never suggested I use it- even though he hates un-ironed with a vengence. Could call them huband tamers?]
Anyway due to postage they would need to sell for around $40 what do you think?
Off to play in the workshop, send parcels off and trials and tribulations -office work.
Have a good day :)

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