Sunday, February 19, 2012

labelling, packing, sampling....all systems go.

Some days I am just in awe of all this technology we have at our fingertips Mandie Chandler is our Australian distributor for Tasty Old Chooks Clothes and I can easily flip up pictures onto Facebook for her to see quickly and chat through what is happening. Here is the link to the pictures.
I remeber my Great grandmother telling me stories when I was a teenager- so she was around 90 then and she could remember back to when Queen Victoria first spoke on the telephone, how remarkabale that was and then all those years later every, just everyone had one in their home. What remarkable memeories we all carry. I'll be like that one day talking of the advent of the internet.
As soon as you turn the camera on me I start to goof around...wish I could be like Praveen he always comes up well, but he doesn't look so good in women's clothes. So it has to be me. Still it all means we are making headway.
We have been trapsing around and around trying to find 'the spot' to make pictures where light is good, colours show true and understand what settings on the camera to use to get a good result.
I am thinking we are finally getting close. Need pictures for websites....need to finish websites.... jobs, jobs, jobs.
Lots of fiddling this week- finally have new swing tags for Pukka Desirables... and clarifying our designs to be the best possible....just little tweaks on the last run of this bag to get the zips in the right place.
 I use one of these bags everyday and find it perfect for all the things I need to carry and find quickly. I hate a bag you have to scramble through.
 So there are 2 zippered pockets on the front, 2 nice deep pouches- my mobile goes in one and does not fall out even when I throw it on the floor of the car. Important detail as you want to get to your phone quickly but you don't want to loose it easily.
and a big zip pocket in the back- where I keep my passport when travelling- not obvious for a pick pocket.

Also working on our hand spun, handloomed cotton block print range....and I think Sohan who works for us might be our boy to do the colours...he seems to have a good eye for colour- will tell you about him later....must run now to get onto labelling some more things.
Good to have a job, Praveen is currently under a mountain of bags being packed and sent off to different places- might need to excavate him for a sustaining cup of chai first!
happy, happy or kushi, kushi as we say in Hindi

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