Friday, May 04, 2012

Creative Arts Safaris and 'to do' lists

Gloriuos Ghana is finally all organized and on the website!!
Such a big yippee!! Guys we work with over there are lovely and very relaxed but I have been poking them for 2 months now to see they weren't actually comatose. Finally a respose and we are all good to go. I did worry last  trip how it would go - when they seem to laid back but all the organization and bookings ran fine. yeh! whew....
 Just noticed my desk- this is right next to my computer- Ghana hand made glass beads and an indigo dyed woven strip....oh Ghana- I do like the place.
Morocco is almost ready as well.....just need to sort out the website really...and I think I almost have a full bus before we open the doors- very pleasing.
Our 'to do' list does have things being ticked off at a respectable rate but does not seem to be getting any shorter??
oh well.
 Good news for us is that Jennifer Hyland is going to distribute Pukka Desirables and Pukka Components for us in Victoria, Australia.....she has been taking an interest in our work for a while now and decided to take this on- we are so lucky.  The Waterfall Collared Jacket is selling like hotcakes and we have some new scarf ideas underway....
 Madly wading through local sari dealers finding suitable silk and turning our house into a silk sari swamp as I organize them.

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