Tuesday, May 22, 2012

productive week

 Pump problems...which means water problems for us and a much longer walk for many of our neighbours who collect drinking water from us. Praveen is in his element though- having fun out the back with the help of our neighbours pulling the pump up and organizing fixing. He loves it when he has a new task to organize. Actual practical doing of things- like fixing the pump himself is not his forte but organizing things- they run like clock work and all come together well.
Can you see on the ground, up past the camel, to the barn and looping down to the left of the camel is the pipe they have pulled up from down below. That is how deep our well goes.f
 Sunday was New Moon and so a real western style Sunday where we did not have to go to work- WOW!! I finally got to work on a new quilt for Voyagers.
All week Praveen and I have been sorting and packing silks and borders and, and, and....these wide borders were talking to me...I want to play with them and just pile them onto something....well I got my chance [ still thinking they would make fabulous 'bucket' shaped handbags...but we have enough designs in that department at the moment....]

 Need to do some more hand stitch and finish the edges but satised already to have got it off  my chest...playing with the borders- just piling them up and a little story of my day....
 Had thought this installment for the group might mention Australia after my big trip and filling my eyes with country but it just doesn't come to me....my life here and work fill me right up.
 New product in our Pukka Components range all sorted out as well....if I was still felting I would go to town on these shreds of silk although the initial request that started them came from spinners and weavers.
Satisfying week....and electricity has been running through most nights so decent sleeping- such a big YEH!!!

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