Friday, August 31, 2012


Perspective....Yes it is based on what you think and believe and perhaps the temple was the right place in this instance of Sadha....from what they said the family was freaked out because of what had happened to Karlu and so wanted to do something quickly. I thought they were using our car to go to hospital.....what would I have said if I had realised otherwise?
If temple was not the right choice and something had dhappened to her I know I would have felt guilty for not suggesting hospital, even though it is not my right to make these decisions, they had come to me/us for aid and so drawn us into the loop.... By the description of it all I do think she was probably just sleep walking/talking... so a good temple visit would make everyone feel better.

I am really not sure, and it is not my place to judge but it is hard when I do become involved because people do come to us for help.
Often they will come and ask advice on things- it is very hard to know what to do some days.
Karlu died from some type of seizure or stroke at 18....perhaps a doctor could have helped? Perhaps not with our medical system here and perhaps Mum feels better because her heart said take him to the temple- she tried everything.
We then found out Karlu's sister was ill [Karlu being principle wage earner of family and a Mum and young siblings at home we thought we would check on family]...she had been prayed over a lot, still ill they went to local hospital who were not sure what was wrong but if she could afford 2 pints of blood they were going to operate and fix her. Family being poor did not persue this.
When we found out and offered Mum to take her to the local private doctor- he was shocked at her state....many tests and nothing was wrong...just severe aneimia...we mentioned what we had found out about family circumstances and it was thought perhaps better nutrition MIGHT help....well protein and iron suppliments, and regular groceries seem to have worked a miracle....

Religion and tradition plays a huge part of people's lives here and really I think you would be hard pressed anywhere in the world to find a community generally as easy going and present in day to day life as a rural Indian community. What is happening now is all that is particularly important, joy is to be appreciated at every opportunity.

I love the feel of the place most of the time but it often confuses me as well.
I do plan ahead, I do meet commitments because that is how I choose to conduct my life, not everyone needs to do that if they do not choose to....but some of those people do come with hands out when things get tough.

You need to live your life as truely to what you believe is right as you can, let others do the same and I suppose, just know where to draw the line when these two spaces bump up against each other.


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Kevin Murray said...

Though it's little consolation, you seem to be in the position of a truly ethical life, where the rules are not laid out for you. It much be hard having to make a judgement call on so many things. But that seems part of the condition of life between technology and ritual. Perhaps we need both.