Thursday, September 13, 2012

ohhh India!!

 Workshop is working well- thank goodness for the dedication of our team....I have been a bit of a wreck the last week or so.
The usual things but ooohh such a bit more so this time.
First paperwork in India to run a legitimate business  is a nightmare- everytime you think you have worked it all out, something more comes along, a new paper to fill in, a new number to register, a new tax to is now way beyond a joke. What to do? I believe in what we are doing as a business and the way to protect it and let it grow, to look after us and the people we work with is to play by the rules so we can continue.
3 weeks ago Praveen went to Delhi as he regularly does- see the kids, see his Mum, shop for the business and now he is late getting back.
Of course the story I am about to tell is not a true story- if anyone is just a story I made up to pass the time waiting for him to get home.
2 weeks ago Praveen went to the ATM to get money and was off on the search of second hand silk saris...coming out of the ATM [late morning, busy area] a charming young man comes up and sticks a knife his throat "give me your money and your phone".
Praveen was rather upset and without thinking smashed the guy, knocking the knife out of his hand...and left rather quickly.
A rather short time later a story arrives via a 'friend' at the police station- a bit of a problem...Knife Boy has been to the hospital because someone tried to kill him, he is at death's door and has a doctor's certificate to prove it, his Mum is at the police station screaming blue murder!
Praveen needs to come in, spread some 'lubrication' around and sort out the story.
Well liberal lubrication, Mum is still screaming, Praveen makes a statement about what happened to him and is told to keep out of the way for a few days whilst paperwork is processed. Seems his statement got lost feeling nervous by now, I am???
Then last week, in an attempt to solve the situation - Indian way- it was asked what Mum needed to calm down....well she was a bit distracted because another of her boys had inadvertantly found a whole stash of jewelry and mistakenly as he was trying to return it the owner had presumed he had stollen it- so he was on the run [interesting picture of The Family building?? it gets better]
A few days ago Knife Boy fronts up- having undergone a miraculous recovery- you can barley see all the injuries listed on the doctors report now-how lucky is he?
Yes an arrangemnt can be made.
Both parties need to go into the police station and retract their statements [yes Praveen's statement has been found] ...but then ohh no- someone who works there- could he be a policeman???of course not ...but he is related to The Family and has been so put out over the whole drama he needs quiet a large, sweetener to calm his well as the one The Family wants.
anyone ask if I need a sweetener to calm my nerves after all this?? The Bloody Bastards!!!

Thanks goodness this is not a true story...if it was how could you feel justce even exists in our India? How will this country ever prosper and go forward? Levels of ccorruption would be running unimagnably deep....oh yes and why are we so careful about the paperwork for our business?- if you leave the door open the blood suckers would be on you in a second- just like the mosquitos at monsoon time!
Thank goodness this is an imagination to fill in the time whilst Praveen is unavoidably detained in Delhi doing some accounting work, just a nightmare brought on by the humidity of monsoon, it seems the particular strom clouds will move on this afternoon....unimaginable. Sickening.

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