Thursday, November 01, 2012

 Still at I want #1 but I did decide to run away yesterday...for me that does not mean leaving the premises just leaving the office work and doing some stitching.
I went home and had a go at some ideas Praveen and I are working on to style our images for our website...we don't have much fancy furniture and we live in a lovely but realistically a bit wonky Indian made a luxury look is out of the question.
 We are opting for a more simple farm house image...starting to get there...I hope
 And look at our farm house, we are making headway with the garden, that Elephant creeper grows so fast i can see a difference from going out to work and coming home in the evening.
 Running away from home meant I could sit and stitch with gay abandon for a few hours...I am guessing you will be old enough to remeber when that meant reckless enthusiasm not like my boys would say "Batting for the same team, Mum?"
I have wanted to just hop in and stitch big and enthusiastically for a while- the samples I have been making I have had to control my stsitching and try and be neat and tidy because I am making them for the ladies to follow....and we all already know I would not get a job from me to stitch the porject I am too messy.
 So just stitching like mad, trying to find some marks I am happy with a bit more contemporary than the cotton silk blocks we have been focsing on, these are heavy and light handloom and simple mark marking....starting to get a buzz from them.
I have plenty of ideas to trial, and could generate much that is machine pieced but my main focus is the ladies work- block print and hand I am looking for things I can easily show th women to work up...I want a spontanety to the stitch patterns not always an obvious formula.
It is hard - I have a few who do totally random things and not ususally in a pleasing result and many who follow my samples and imporive them beautifully but I am hankering for some who can do that and add an improvisation into the mix with stitch colours or pattern placement.
Another brain buster for Praveen and I to work out...I think of it, struugle and sometimes snarl to get him to see it and then we work out how we can share that with the women....
We are staying in the componenet approach to most quilts as they go home and a large piece would just open the doors to too much dirt and accidents. The 2 ladies who work in the workshop are pretty busy with special orders on more traditional type hand quilted quilts with wadding inside [more on that later- it is a service we are working on offering soon]
Ok running away again, I have an new idea to have a go at :)

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