Friday, January 11, 2013

My roses

Amarwash= New Moon and workshop is closed!! Yeh one day off every 14 is kind of strange actually but welcome.

Yesterday the weather turned….it did not click until later in the day but early in the morning I was out in the vegie garden gasbagging away with my mate Dawn on the phone and although crisp I was out these for half an hour without freezing solid AND there were these little peep-peep birds just arrived [yes Dawn I will get out your bird book and identify them later J
Later sitting having morning tea, again crisp inside my office but once out in the sun it has somehow become softer….not a little warmth covering up cold.

A day to be free; especially of the generator we have to use so often at work – thanks for the blackouts Government of Rajasthan. I can usually daydream under any conditions but the vibration of the generator makes it hard to retain my own name let alone, do office work or dream away and think through new ideas….ohh well, we do have power to continue to bring old ideas to fruition.

A little warmer and a chance to daydream and time to dwell on my newest obsession….poor Dijanne I have a thousand questions for her. She has used some of our handloom cotton in one of her Traveller’s Blankets….which are gorgeous I do lust over them…but I know I would never get around to stitching one for myself- even joining her classes….then the other day an admirer of Tasty Old Chooks said she was going to dye some of our tunics- I immediately though of Dijanne and khadi and... I though oh wouldn’t one of our Tasty Old Chooks tunics come up rather well with that type of treatment??? Dijanne seemed to think the same as well…then an easy step -with all that effort wouldn’t a jacket be even better… that would get me hooked enough to get stuck into and finish….so now WHAT SHAPE????.A few pictures here as things rope together in my mind...bursting!!
Poor Dijanne I will be in her ear in a minute...her work is divine- how exciting...

Take time to smell the roses…it is important in everyone’s life….these are my current roses.

Kits – Threads Across the Ocean Project : inspired by Terri of Alaska, developed by Anne of UK, components stitched and packed in India to be made by you. Got kind of a nice ring to it…well we assembled the first kits a little while ago and now have orders. So the last few days have been spent setting up systems in the workshop, delegating duties for their assembling….and here is the first batch of results.


one of our kits...they all come together from parts and many directions- satisfying to see how they gell. Women stitch the panels, Gaffir weaves the handloom and Nandu prints the blockprint....yeh :)

Sanju has been working on samples for a new The Stitching Project Jacket [it does play into my Dijanne obsession as well]

These are my roses...I am off out into the sun for an hour to dream over them and enjoy my day off
happy, happy or kushi, kushi in Hindi, to you

oh and lottery at 11.00am today- good luck to us please

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