Saturday, February 23, 2013

running away....

One big week- I think we are still in the middle of it- you know that feeling; so busy the view blurs a little....
we have been having a lovely time with Sanju Devi; a person we both greatly admire actually staying with us in our home for a few days and leading a workshop here for a group of English [and a cheerful Canadian] textile enthusiasts. Sanju is from Bihar and co-ordinates a group of women embroiderers who produce Sujani Story Cloths.

I did stop for a minute the other day as I was madly trying to get lunch ready to appreciate with Praveen having a group of students and guest tutor, it was part of our dreams when we built our home.
Next time we will try and organize it for a group of our Ladies to be involved or have a separate to chat this one up a bit to them and lay the seeds.
Just after our group arrived there were literally a few squaels of delight or was it surprise taking a camel safari?

Then Baba had to prove his metal pulling up the 300 foot of pipes etc for the pump...what a day for it to break.
All fixed now.
Now we are running away from home for a few days to head out to Bhuj.....I think it can actaully count as a little holiday.
Would you believe the words of wisdom in the newspaper this morning - it said something like "Take one day off work and it takes 3 days to get back in the harness" oooohhhh I know but we are going anyway...and now madly dashing to get everything in place to leave people busy while we are off on a jaunt.
So excited really I love hanging out with Praveen anywhere but going somewhere new is a buzz for both of us :)
A mountain of new samples happening- good but time consuming....all going well- and fingers crossed while we are away.
I know we will have some great new connections after this have new leads on indigo, weaving, embroidery and eduactaional opportunities for artisans etc, etc....

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