Saturday, March 16, 2013

back again

 Think we might be back to 'normal' almost 2 weeks of fighting, yes fighting to get a new connection...slack office person did not submit the paperwork correctly, so we had to go back over the mountain...then same office worker did not send and activation code necessary....and they then failed to explain to us how to activate the phone when it did come through so we used up the free balance in a few minutes rather than it lasting a whole month....
 perhaps it is all working correctly today ....then last night we got a phone call, my previous number, the one the government cancelled has become available. Run over the mountain again quick if we want to catch it!!

 Thanks- we did not know if we would get it back so have spent the week also getting access phone numbers changed on bank etc so I can make payments....oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh
some days I could cry.
Still the attitude of my Baba [ where is food? what food finished? then back to chilling out and day dreams...] and my tortoises puts things in perspective.
take it easy....
Ok today just running over the hill again to get back first number, then will use both....after 3 months when it is closed again I can transfer it to Praveen's name and it will then become permanent and before you ask why not do that now..."because Madame that is impossibel"  ?????? one can only wonder.

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