Sunday, May 26, 2013

just lately we have had snow and sand

 The journey continues and we have had the most extraordinary experiences. Mohamed a master calligrapher shared the merest hint of the wealth is Islamic culture and the art of Calligrapgy...great day and then luch at the lovely Ruined Gardens....
 surprise, surprise, snow as we headed over the mountains to Erfoud...really snow- gob smacked would some that one up

 2 hours later over the Middle Atlas and in the Ziz River Valley and sunshine
 carpet flurries

 guests at Mohamed's house with his lovely family....
 Camels on the Sahara---yeh
 photos over the shoulder of our group - look at my mad Arab...has not stopped smiling and grinning since we left home
 donkey parking lot at Rissani always makes me laugh
 some of our group brought supplies for school children...these lovely kids will greatly enjoy and appreciate them- good stuff
 fossils by the side of the Sahara around Erfound- quite beautiful...and 360 million years old

 another oasis....
 Todra Gorge
 silly us
 stunning scenery
 top of the mountains weaving family

 The wonderful Fatima Mellal- Berber artist extraudinaire
off to dinner...great place....after the snow weather has been very kind - fingers crossed :)

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