Saturday, June 15, 2013

homend still a little blurry....

We are finally home and have internet access again...ohh I do miss some of India's luxuries like cheap and easy internet access anywhere, anytime, someone to help carry the bags and other such treats.
I am in the much to catch up on, lights are on but not much is happening in the mind. Can feel the coffee inside me...but wheels not slotting into gear sitting here looking busy and hoping this familiar location will result in something constructive starting to happen.
We had a great trip- very busy, as you would expect looking after people and trying to keep everything running as you would like. Think generally we succeeded- yippee!
Then 2 weeks in France as a research trip for a new was a good idea as we were in the neighbourhood but also ambitious as you are always exhausted after a first 2 days in Paris we grumbled at each other and then started to get our breath and into the work and fun of exploring our new idea.
Now home, no mind but it will come.... Home looks great, monsoon is early and everything looks so happy and green, there was a huge downpour a few days ago and Praveen's work fixing the house roof and the workshop roof has been successful...rain was only on the outside of the buildings not flooding in through any roofs. What a relief!!! I can't add enough exclamation marks for that comment.
When I arrived at the workshop this morning, gate was newly painted and locked, I had to knock to get in and there were many smiling faces and a shower of rose petals...what great guys we have on our team - BIG SMILES all around.
I am staying with our time line...last talked in Marrakesh
 We had dinner one night with another couple from our group...foodies as well and keen to try some of Marrakesh's many great restaurants -this one took Praveen's eye as they has an evening performance scheduled as well. Boy did he get a surprise- he did not realise it would included the dancers coming up and interacting- embarrassed or what!
 I have another picture of the gentleman we were with as one of the other dancers came up and he was tucking money into her skirt waistband- he looked like a guilty schoolboy caught red handed. I sent it along to his wife- good blackmail material. I have a similar one of Praveen and have informed him- if he mucks up I will show it to his Mum!! hahah
 Our riad - cosy
 some of our companions- good for fun
 Rick's Bar in Casablanca may have all been fiction but there is one there now and it is lovely- all the movie would demand and a great place for last nights.
A weary bunch of travellers, we travelled far, across sand dunes, over mighty mountains, through many a crowded bazaar.
I learnt a great lesson through this just have to get on with matter how they might upset you, make you fed up and even is here to experience and you need to do just that!
One of our people loves travel, has a real bubbly excitement to explore and see everything, also suffers terribly from motion sickness, heights, riding camels, many things ... you would think it difficult to leave home. Yet she just gets on with the experience, works through or around the difficulties and is a fabulous travelling companion. I admire her immensely and really appreciate the chance to learn from her example.

home sweet home...time to get back into gear...I have lots of pictures and stories yet from the last few weeks but need to ration my time for telling stories and savouring the journey with picking up projects, catching up with people and many new samples to make from various new clients- all lots of stimulation...and tours to plan
ohh la, la :) 

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