Friday, June 21, 2013

Humidity, humidity...hell at home

I know I am a whinger when it comes to humidity, a major whinger actually. Just to make it clear...
dry heat of the desert I am hot but can still function, add sauna effects to that and I am cactus!
We have had a few good showers recently [ house and workshop still not leaking- major happiness!] and things are growing,
 This is old Budda-ji, in front of our newly planted field
 and our garden still growing after the 5 week absence- sssssoooo pleased.
this other side of the onset of Monsoon and actual rain is the humidity, if I could do like locals and sleep most of the afternoon away it would probably be OK, but instead I have lists to make, itineraries to plan and accounts to reckon.
I was working on some very important accounting yesterday, trying to get it clear in my mind, and make it clear for our client and it was like trying to work through cotton wool, cotton wool in the mind, cotton wool in the thought processes, cotton wool in the air.
I thought I had it all sorted and sensible and sent it off, only to realise hours later there was a big oooops in the process.
sent a quick message I need to tweak but now I am sitting here, first thing in the morning I feel like a wrung out dish rag and scared of missing something again.
so into to dillydallying for a moment, hoping the coffee will kick in and something useful eventuate.
Received this link via email the other day from mates- take a look. Monsoon is such a blessing and really such a magical time of year [humidity aside] and as Steve Curry points out of major importance to the next year's chance of survival for much of the developing world. His pictures do great justice to our world of the moment, just view in a sauna and you could be here.
Been reflecting on our travels as well, sorting notes, ideas, itineraries and just us in general.
We had a great time, at the same time it was quite challenging some days for us personally.
Praveen and I have travelled to many places, but quite frankly he was a bit weird around the edges this time, quite anxious about where we were, having passports and money to hand, take ANOTHER photo of him here, and here and here...lots of little things.
Took me a while to realise the level of burden the visa process had left with him. Almost a sense of un-deservedness, what right had he to be there?
For me to go to Europe, I simply get on a plane, I do not have to have a return ticket, do not have to show funds, accommodation, or travel receipts, absolutely no questions are asked. I do not expect my right to go there to be questioned and would be offended if it was...if I looked deep inside.

I live in India and my income comes from my Indian based business, no one cares or even asks.
For Praveen to come to Europe, we had to prepay absolutely everything, have printouts to verify this, furnish mountains of paperwork about our business, financial statements, tax records, registration status for the last few years, write letters promising to return home....really a whole tree of paper to ask for a visa, if it was rejected much money we had prepaid would have been lost.
It meant he arrived with a sense of un-realness about being there, almost a beggar asking to see their precious part of the this video through.....think about it all.
The people of the developing world only want a slice of the cake, not all. Often a large part of the reason they are still developing is because they were once a colony of a member of the developed world and everything of value was stripped form their country before the developed country gave them their 'freedom'.
It is not fair the way we treat more than half the world....aren't you lucky if you come from the right coloured places????


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Kevin Murray said...

Some salutary thoughts Fiona. Credit to Praveen for persisting. Would like some of your humidity in cold dry Melbourne.