Friday, July 05, 2013


 It has been an exciting few tortoises keep hatching...up to 7 this morning....really like giant lady birds...I can say that to you, {raven would not understand the reference.
Yesterday morning as we were working very early we drew level with the neighbours house as a motor bike stopped, off jumped the woman on the back and as she crossed the threshold to the property she started the most awful keening...then all the women in the house picked it.
Gut wrenching.
Someone had died.
The sound of it just suited my mood- few things here to worry about, bit of a catastrophe with the workshop to try and sort out....just seemed one of those weeks
As I walked further up the road, under the keening I could hear some cheerful music being played by a tractor as he ploughed a field. We had just had another reasonable shower, the crops planted before were just starting to get to the worry stage would they survive or burn off.
This was all so hopeful and optimistic seemed like a bit of a I walked further the cheerful music over took the keening...which was for another aspect of life really.

Been really worrying over Karlu's Mum...I don't believe in charity. I do believe in helping others help themselves. You know teach someone to fish rather than give them a fish.
Since we have been helping with the monthly groceries we have always talked about school and how important it is to give the young 2 this chance...a large part of the reason for the groceries. Definitely clearly tied the 2 things together.
I know she is not very bright- really generations of malnutrition can have that effect and she has had no exposure to education or modern ideas and she has had a very tough time BUT surely a chance to send your kids to school would be wanted?
Been leaving messages to try and catch her, school starts today...we want to know what is happening. Kabuta used to go to a charity girls school in Pushkar, who do an excellent job but they only take girls. Praveen was saying this morning village mentality is such that they don't like to send girls anywhere alone [50 other girls on the bus are not the same as a family member]
 Trying to catch up with her to talk....
Found this little scribble on FB...I hope that is where we are going.
I think it is the type od day something like these would be very good and comforting....all I can do is dream.
We have dates for Moorish Delights of Andalusia and Morocco 2014 now- 18 may until 6 June, 2014
and France : the Mirrabelle Trail 2014 will run 15-28 September[ the details will be up on the website soon ....just finishing writing up final least I know the next time I can line up for that type of comfort food.

off to sweat it out some more....see what happens :)

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