Monday, July 29, 2013

Home madness

 I keep hoping we are catching up with things....but I am not sure that mountain can be scaled!!
We have had a bit of fun, running down to Udaipur with a mate to find where the best bone inlay furniture is made.....I always lusted after a black and white piece but having seen their grey and white I am in a quandary...still I know exactly where they are, when I have saved up the pennies I can decide on a colour and ring up and say send it NOOWWWW! yes a wee bit excited and the distraction of dreaming about that... we have 11 babies growing bigger by the day.
Two days ago we went to Barefoot College this is one institution we already admire enormously and our estimation has continued to rise.
having a melt down a few weeks ago worrying over local girls and education and DO SOMETHING!!! feelings we wrote to a few different NGO's asking for advise. Bunker Roy from Barefoot said pop over - wow thank you.
We arrived and as were starting to introduce ourselves- he was already informed as to who we were [ we have been taking tour groups to visit for years, we buy hand loom fabric from them, we run a social enterprise business in Chawandia village...] we were really impressed to be known. Bunker made it seem do-able and 'easy'.... find 2 women from the village and they can be sent to Barefoot for training and we can start an evening class in the village. The reality is the girls won't go back to school but they could get was suggested they could receive training to set up a cottage industry- making sanitary napkins, school chalk, candles have all proven effective in the past.
There is still a mountain for us to scale but the direction and support where so wonderful to chatting around the place to find 2 brave women to go off and change our village. We will find the money for fees....and can't you see it once we get started we can start a library to go with it...another of our villages could start a night school , library could move around in a van....
I love libraries, always been a solace for me...books so much education and entertainment- opens the whole world to a person..... Hope Initiative is starting....
 On the way home a little research for tours....what do they have in all the marble shops...lovely lotus bowls....Praveen ordered a big deep one for me for a goldfish bowl...can't wait fro them to finish carving
 Pukka Supplies....aren't they yummy? balls of silk- been making samples with it and then realised how beautiful it is like this....
 Dress lengths of stitched cloth.....for you to buy, take home and make your own treasure....the stitch alters the handle of the cloth and it becomes so soft- falls really well....I want to keep it for a shawl, but how many do you need and in this heat when do you wear it?
So for sale, for sale whilst my resolve lasts.
And Moorish Delights of Andalusia and Morocco 2014 is all up and ready to take bookings... we have climbed great peaks actually....just they be biiggggg mountains in front...

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