Sunday, April 13, 2014

Craftmark and...

Been on the hoof again....a few days ago we dropped a whole pile of our work up to Jaipur to be displayed at Ananataya as part of the Maahi Roj- Green Jaipur event.
We feel rather awed to be ask to contribute some work...Anantaya is pretty is awesome...if you have ever entered Delhi through the new airport you may have noticed to massive hand sculptures above the Arrivals Hall, just like the one in this picture- The are the work of Ayush of Anantaya

If you have a chance look at there new website- their work is great and the videos they have made of some of the crafts people they work with are brilliant. Sums up their energy and approach very well.

 Then back home and onto the train up to Delhi for a 2 day seminar at Craftmark, mentoring type event and jury selection panel for their new catalogue. We had to trot out our stuff in front a team of industry experts- [covering marketing, craft sector advocates, cultural heritage person and ground breaking people who have done so much to revive a flagging craft sector, bring to the table right to fair livelihood, promoting excellence and empowerment of people involved in the sector.]
When I thought of it that way- a bit intimidating yet the panel we met asked insightful questions, showed a great deal of interest and understanding and all in all were great to have the experience of presenting ourselves before them.
into the room....we did kind of explode with a range of our stuff....
then afterwards dragged it all out to give the next person a chance and exploded in a fit of nervous giggles.
So now madly to get samples ready to send up for photographs and a PowerPoint presentation of our work....we have been asked to be in their new catalogue which they use to help drum up a market their members with quality buyers from around the globe.
Spent last night waiting for the alarm to go off to get up for my super early morning train and trying not to make lists....home again to a very hot Rajasthan and back into it- whew!


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