Thursday, April 03, 2014


Yep, that is what it feels much to do
 we are getting there with orders but just as you need them extra tailors are busy so we are all pulling overtime to try and keep up with the work load.
One of those things it will all settle in place soon, and I will have my very own studio space upstairs, as well as a print workshop and more space to spread out for hand quilting quilts.....
all one of these days very soon.....
but it can't be soon enough for my liking
 Frantic but lots of love going into the always.
Our training day went well- we have lots of nice stitching coming back and many little purses soon to be ready....quality is excellent. This concentrated effort of the women having to come here and gentle competition was a good idea. This amount of concentration the old way of talking in a mixed group took ages to generate.
We said only 5 places but so far they are all good enough so we have 11 new women.
And a big yippee!! one lady can crotchet. at the moment we have shaggy bags on order....they are just a starter though I can see so much more we can do with the idea.
And our exhibition/ interaction idea is coming to Fruition thanks to the support of Anne Kempton of Timeless Textiles.
We have been laying the groundwork for this for the last year, through what we have shown our women- students' exhibition at our house, women from our last tour group showing their work and journals, Sanju of Bihar talking of her story cloths....
the nerve racking moment though was actually asking our ladies if they would like to have a go....well here is Mrs Hema  concentrating on colours now but moments ago jumping with ideas as we spoke. Resounding "yes please!!
I am happy to make my own story cloth."
wow- fantastic we are now on a roll.
Below is Anne's media release
come and join us if you are close.
Talking needles- stitching the Strip with Fiona Wright
Much loved Fibre artist, Fiona Wright, who now lives in rural India is returning to the Hunter. For many years Fiona has been working with locals, mostly women in “ The Stitching Project’.  The Stitching Project is a social enterprise dedicated to making fine textile products with a style that is a little bit ethnic and lot contemporary. The Project produces quality hand worked home wares, garments, and craft supplies.
‘I spend much of my time working with a group of people, endeavouring to find a way for us all to produce an income, an income that will feed our bodies and our soul. We look at our business as a social enterprise and can see the benefits for all….most of our people are women and they bring hand stitch to our work. Our women are happy with the work- it helps feed their bodies; we have seen how sharing finished pieces with them and later pictures of our foreign clients and their appreciation has added to their satisfaction and encouraged them in their involvement with the work and its quality.
The idea for this exhibition arose from our latest designs: a series called “Hopes and Dreams”, which fit so well with what we want to share in the world and held the germ of an idea of how to give our Stitching Ladies a chance to bring their own creativity to the mix.
Talking Needles: Hopes and Dreams- exhibition will showcase a collection of Hope Flags [similar to the idea of Tibetan prayer flags] that have been block printed in English and Hindi and stitched into using a range of coloured threads and embellishments Themes are: Compassion, Hope, Peace, Love, Sharing and Dreaming’.
The Hope Flags will be created by the Stitching Women in India and more will be made here as a result of workshops held @ Timeless Textiles Gallery with Fiona - joining up with the creativity across continents and cultures.
Come and create ‘ Hope flags’ with Fiona- listen to her wonderful tales, whilst you stitch- focusing on the themes of compassion; hope; peace; love; sharing and dreaming
The workshop dates are May Monday (4th), Tuesday (5th), Wednesday (6th)  Thursday (7th)and Saturday  (10th) May 2014- so drop into Timeless Textiles Gallery anytime between 10 am and 3.30 pm and create a Hope Flag.
This is a free event, and Hand-loom cotton flags are available to stitch into ($5 each).
150 metres of stitched white ribbon was created from the International Women’s Day stitch a thon will be used to hang ‘Hope’ embroidered flags, in the Talking Needles exhibition opening on May 11th 2014.
The flags will flutter along The Strip- Islington a vibrant community of independent retailers located on Maitland Rd Islington, focusing on the unique, eclectic and unusual. Starting at Madame Mo’s and rounding the corner to end up at Timeless Textiles Gallery
The Hope flags will be auctioned off at the opening of the Talking Needles exhibition 6pm on Sunday 11 May. All proceeds will be donated to create a library for The Stitching Women, increasing their literacy. The Hope Flags which are not sold will be returned to the Stitching Project and will be stitched together as a quilt.
Venue: Timeless Textiles Gallery
7 Beaumont St, Islington
Newcastle. NSW

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