Sunday, June 15, 2014

home, home, home

I have had lovely journeys, with lovely people and visited lovely places....I am so conscious of that word lovely that I am being a little silly now. We were eating dinner together somewhere along the road, trying to have a conversation with a French speaking woman...and lovely was used a few times by some of our group....she started "What does this word mean??"
I hear English people say it all the time, now you Ozzies are using it....
we all had a bit of a chuckle and every time I went to use it after I wanted to smile again....
for me it is a soft word, gentle appreciation, an experience that is tasteful, fun, pleasant, happy to do again.... travelling with this year's group to Morocco was like that....a mellow experience of a lovely place, gentle people, fantastic landscapes easy to be with travelling companions.
A lovely time away but underlying it I was madly home sick...well Praveen sick used to sharing most everything with him it is hard to be away great lengths of time now.....can't even imagine how we coped in the days of yore before we lived here in lovely, hotter than hell Rajasthan.
 This is what I came home to....we had  agreed on an extension upstairs before I left; something to keep Praveen busy while I was away and desperately needed new space....well whilst I was away it grew to be a project bigger than Ben Hurr!
Glad I was not here as I would have argued at the extra it is almost a fait acompli I can appreciate it for how lovely it is all going to be....3 more rooms, lovely BIG rooms, 2 verandas creating more shaded work space down stairs and lovely sunny spots to sit and stitch in is all so cool. More than Lovely this time- absolutely FANTASTIC!!!

I have been using FB and Pinterest to post up some pictures of happenings have a peak if you like
Pinterest Morocco pictures Talking Needles pictures
FB- pages Creative Arts Safaris..... Stitching Project....maybe too many pictures of busy building sites at the moment but construction methods are amazing here in the world of Fred Flintstone building.
 Now I am home, there is a million details of paperwork to follow up on ...and diversions of pinning pictures to do with our next adventures via Creative Arts to daydream.
Early next year will be Indian Inspiration Creative Camp and then a little later Textile Traditions of North Vietnam.......perhaps another jaunt to Morocco...depends on bookings and how much time we have free???? I wish all that was needed for tours was some happy pinning and dreaming over pictures....but now I need to get back to the slog of paperwork to organize them
My carrot is when Praveen has finished building we will have so much more space to play and our very own Print Studio upstairs!
happy, happy or as we say here kushi, kushi


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