Sunday, June 29, 2014

Peace, Love and Hippy Dreams....

Peace, love and Hippy dreams might be where we started but it has become a never ending tale of paperwork, organization and details....I keep telling myself it is just a phase....and it is just a phase.
If you take a job you join an organization where existing procedures and practices are there for you to slip into...even if you come in to improve the system, they have a system.
We as the originators of this idea have to be the ones to set up the system, set up the procedures, understand how it all fits together.
What a steep learning curve.
We both tend to be easy going- well Praveen is easy going, I am probably intense if I am truthful...but I do like to believe in people, believe they are of good heart and will get on with things.
I am so, so unused to I was unused to delegation I have become much better at it.
I do expect once I have started a system, given out a job it is followed through.
Well a few things lately have made it glaringly obvious that not everyone we employ are on the same page.
Our workshop manager is an incredibly capable guy, unfortunately he seems to think  he is indispensable and so can misbehave in his interaction with staff and if he does not like their response he can fabricate a story and get them sacked. It has really come to a head and his prima donna act of it is them or me is about to back fire.
 We had a big talk with him when I got back 2 weeks ago....somehow he came out of it thinking he is untouchable...don't know what it is- clearly defining what is not acceptable and pointing out good points we want to see more do you hear "just keep doing what you like, mate."
 End of the month we account the months work and pay wages....his will include a yellow slip- OUT Mate.
As you can surmise this is painful, frustrating and difficult....Praveen, even- the man who can give way  too many last chances is at the end of his tether.....
so it has been painful, and frustrating see a capable person so full of themselves they are shooting themselves and us in the is now difficult waiting the last few days to GET THAT NEW LEAF TURNED OVER!!
yep Praveen might be very patient- I am not!
Bit of therapeutic sample stitching always soothes my raging heart.
Our work with the women is proceeding very well, and  inducting new women going great.
Really not much in the way of teething problems and batch 1 we started  before I left are up to speed and Batch 2; who a very brave Praveen started on his own seem to be coming along very nicely.
New women tend to be relatives of existing women...some are coming from Beawar....which is more than 1 hour away on the train ..... they say it is worth the time and expense to go through the induction as once they are up to speed we will give 2 weeks of worth at a time. They have no chances of fair employment and being at home and are really happy at this chance.
We have a clear system with the women- it all clicked into place a few years ago when we started recording below par work in the work register along with the notice 3 marks and you are out.
Before that it was difficult us saying better, them saying the kids were sick, the cow go out...a wedding came so my work was poor.
We put it in perspective poor work and a client does not come back and we are all out of work. Better to stop that at the source- you let us down by not pulling your weight as part of stitching team.
 3 counts and you are out.
Now exactly same system in the workshop and it applies to everyone.
If you know a good workshop manager- send them along, position vacant!!
yippee...we will be back to being happy little beings in no time :)
and my frustrations have paid off - getting ready for new improved space I dragged all the saris home and have been having a massive re-organization and colour matching session....
we have so many orders for our women's hand stitched re-cycled sari stuff.

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