Sunday, August 30, 2015

So much to say....

Same old story, so much happening and no time to Scratch,
So many stories I want to share
1. l have a new Samsung Note phone... not important except as a time saver it sure takes a long time to work out. I was just writing by hand but the **### thing won't let me correct mistakes so I am back to pecking keyboard. ...hard on my RSI.
2. But really 1. Dijanne Cevaal joined us as an artist-in-residence at the workshop for a month....she had been here for our Creative Camp got hooked on a few things and so decided to come back. It was great to spend time with her.... although it tended a little to the side of over stimulating ... simply because it was great to have someone to yarn to,to dream up ideas and what ifs...
It started off pretty quickly being a #wherethingschange moment as we gave each other a #nudge ... looking at what we both do as individuals,what we want learn, a little project we might explore together..... #creativeclout is evolving/ might evolve....we are hopeful. Not much more to say at the moment; we need to see if we can build a momentum, find an opportunity. ... keep an eye on our blogs, FB and Instagram we hope to have something interesting evolve
3. We visited Udayancare.... sorry I can't do links on my phone app...Google them. They are a group who have helped so many homeless girls get an education. .. they are building a craft and design centre to enrich their girls development and we volunteered to get them started with some simple weaving.  Great day.
If you are coming to delhi and would like to spend an enjoyable day or 2 sharing skills let me know I can put you in contact with them. Through their website you are wanting to contact Isabel.... she is fostering this initiative
3. I love our workshop.... it is amazing how an activity I have followed since the smallest child. ... making things.... can take on a whole other life of its own.... with Divali coming we have been counting up people we create employment for....well over 100 women and a dozen in the workshop.
Scary..... responsibilities. When it was just me and my studio caring for my kids I suppose in the back of my mind was if I fail I can get a job.... now we are the job creator. ... oh boy!!!
Reminder to self... we have come along way.... we have learnt a lot and anything g is possible...  keep going one step and one small pleasure at a time.
Early morning pleasure is breakfast on the garden step....chapati  out and birds and chipmunks visiting
Happy sunday

Want to add pictures but forgotten how. ..following.  No! There it is...going crazy haha

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CarmWhite said...

Happy Sunday indeed! New technology can lay you low! Photos are great!