Thursday, October 29, 2015

Enjoying our tour...

Having a lovely time...great travelling companions.
Getting to the time to create new tours.
Lately we have had emails, FB messages and now our group is asking questions. ...
Been working on Bengal to Bihar-Stitch Heaven and just this minute thought of a name....lots in place and lots of details to tick off. When will we get a minute?

Last few days been thinking there is so much more to mine in Gurjurat. ... we think of Mandvi and Bhuj as our little escape and indulgence. ..we run away for a few days at the beach but really we have so many wonderful textile connections there.... we might polish up an itinerary.  Good excuse for another week end at the beach too.
Slow morning and then off to Ranakpur today....been using our Facebook page Creative Arts Safaris as a photo journal.

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