Saturday, October 01, 2016

Blasted bus

Eventful few days.
Scurrying off to work a few days ago, got to the end of our lane where the handpump is and stopped to look for traffic.
Nothing oncoming on my side of the road, just swivelling my head to see other side and my car starts to move sideways.
Bloody bus collected the front of my car.
So lucky our car is a big heavy beast and he only took off the bumper and radiator...
Pushed me around but no big bump of impact.
Even more lucky no one at the handpump that morning... they would have been squished.
Bus driver was overtaking a tractor and past the edge of the road on my side...he should have been on the other side completely.
All the locals around were out, heard me giving him a piece of my mind and chimed in.... they saw it all. Their Madam ( me.... I don't have a name the most I get is Praveen-ji's Madam or owned as someone's my Madam.... one of my sweet Ladies even asked once of Praveen if I had a name) was a careful driver, stopped and was bipping her horn and bus got her.
Shut the smart alek bus driver up....
If he thought he could push around a mere woman he had another thing coming.
Since then police, even they told him to shut up.. Police reports. Insurance man blah,blah ,blah.
All the neighbours near and far have been in to check on me and apparently there is a community post on What's app. I made the local news.
Really nice to feel part of the community.
I bet that bus driver will think twice before he takes over again like an idiot or tries to denigrate a woman driver.

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