Thursday, December 15, 2016

Udayancare Skill Centre

I am up in Delhi.... paperwork stuff and a day free to visit my friend Isabelle and the girls of Udayancare Skill Centre.
A treat for me to see how Cinderella is going. She is the young women who received training in block printing and now has come home to the Skill Centre to share her skills with the children.
Why teach crafts to children?
Udayancare has worked hard for many years to give orphans a chance at a better life through warm, nurturing homes and quality educational opportunities. 
Not everyone is able to excel educationally.... but they can excel at life.
The Skill Centre is another opportunity.
Arts and crafts are good for
- problem solving
- creative thinking.... coming up with something new
- de-stressing .... don't we need that in this busy world
- income source
- team building... negotiating within the group who does what when working on group projects
- fine motor dexterity.... some of the children have physically disabilities
- helping move forward from the darkness of a hard start in life.
Lots and lots of things.

Udayancare also work with disadvantaged women in the local area teaching machine skills, crafts, Hin did and English language and literacy....many things as a way for them to improve their life and income.

Why am I telling you all this?
Because I would like to encourage anyone coming to India with teaching skills in arts,  crafts , photography.... you get the idea... or are you good on working on writing up a brief detailing the work of the project... helping develop training packages to help older girls and local women get work ready to find decent jobs.... help set up a database of contacts.... the list of jobs is endless anyone wanting to be helpful will find a niche.
So give a day or few and share your skills, teach some kids, help document the project.
Contact me I'll connect you up to a fantastic experience.

Thinking of my gang back home and girls and education in general I visited Udayancare HQ this morning to meet the dynamo Keiren who started the organization... to learn about their Shalini Initiative. It is a programme to foster further education for girls from a disadvantaged background.
They work in a number of locals  with financial assistance for senior school or college fees, monthly seminars for personal development, academic and computer skills development. General support to increase girl's educational opportunities.
There is a lot to look into and one day we hope to open a chapter in our area.
So much to dream about.
So much to do.

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