Sunday, April 30, 2017


Sunday and Workshop is closed.
First time I have had free time in I can't remember how long . I am writing On my phone trying to insert a picture but they all seem to want to fall to the bottom. 

So que first garden shot .

 Not sure about under lining either but We'll cope.My phone has recently updated itself and the pen app can now mostly read my scrawl which is Great. 

So garden

Garden makes me happy and Shankar the current guy employed to look after our place is  doing a good job.

Means I can go away and come back to see my hard work still living . We grow mostly Veg and some flowers

Veg for home, Workshop and Shankar's home . fresh and delicious

should be another picture now - look below.

Had a great week at the workshop 

Aude came to help as and has worked on product files - a little move tweaking and I can upload them to google drive and prospective clients can browse them. 

As it  stands anyone makes an enquiry I have to send them off on a Wild goose chase through our FB page and around about to see what we can make . 

Hardly professional ,So happy days a bit of polish on the way.


Next picture - In My spare time I have been able to indulge my passion for waste not want not and been playing with patches from Our Indigo khadi off cuts


I approach it in the same way Praveen and I like to explore somewhere new. Get there and start wandering until you get a feel for the place . The destination or here the " look" will reveal itself. Couldn't imagine how tge patching on the jacket would look or even what i wanted it to look like so i just plonked a piece on and have syarted to stitch. 

She'll be right mate!

Can I get past the picture ?? Yes ! How did that happen ? And no underline - hmm smart phones can make one feel stupid!! 
Got more picture below don't know how to drag them up. Oh well
Happier to stay at my stitching while still shade in my garden and it is relatively cool.
happy Sunday. By the way I am not Obsessive just husband quietly thinks I might be a l ittle nuts but in a nice way.
Ha Ha
wanted to mention...
 Yes I have cracked placement sort of. 
New newsletter on Creative Arts Safaris page... can't work out how to link. Grrrr.
And more khadi in our etsy shop "glitz and pieces". 

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