Sunday, July 09, 2017


 The view from what will be my old office door,
everything is in place to lay the floating slab, which will be the roof to our new office and then in front of that a big verandah area. Up stairs to this will be a new big print room.
Huge size it will be fantastic. Over to the left back of this view is the toilet, generator and rubbish once the slab makes the roof it will become the wet area for our print studio.
It is going to be sooooooo wonderful.
Once we get in there.
Next We start a room shuffle downstairs.
All of the original part of the building needs to have the plaster chipped off the walls and ceiling and re-applied, it is crumbling and raining down on us. And then new wiring throughout the downstairs to the moment it often burns out because wiring not heavy enough!
This means our office is being chucked out and squeezed into a corner, far to small for it upstairs,
once my office is fixed, machine room is going to be squeezed into it, .... when they are returned to their space, storeroom will be shifted over .... like musical chairs but at the end I will land in a new office!
yippee then an enormous task, making built in computer stations, cupboards to store files away from dust, shelving in the new upstairs stock storeroom and checking room and downstairs materials storeroom.
I am so into check lists and to do lists it is flowing over here!
you have to see my brain- I am sure my eyes blink in tandem, check this, add that, check! ckeck! clunk! clunk!
 Nice distraction I think the light in the new verandah area will be good for photographs, that along with my new production assist Ms M and we should see a lot more stuff accessible to interested people.
As it is most requests to buy single items are sooo hard to manage.
but with training here, going on at breakneck speed
and I do use that word mindfully, the changes are so fast, you need to keep up. we have had to prune a few.... we need to be all on our game to keep our place growing and running smoothly.
 Rather pleased with this, the print is new and I was not sure when it was in a length but when the new shape was stitched in the new print I was chortling....and my very expensive backdrop looks rather cool. Not that I will miss the forrest of sticks when it goes in 3 weeks time!
 And we have a lot of 1 off kimono jackets we found in a bag, made years ago and not hand stitched- they are finished and looking very fine!
Once Ms M has the measurements I will list them on Etsy- be fast they won't last long
Got to run, it may be Sunday but we have a lot to do.
I have a part time pattern guy coming in to do samples for me,
still a long way behind but slowly catching up.
Orders and requests don't slow down- yippee but keeping up is a scramble. Machine Room People  [We now have one woman who looks very happy and settled Ms S and a new young woman training from Monday] so it is Machine Room People not Men any more!

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Penny said...

Do like the dress. All sounds a bit like a mad house.