Sunday, May 13, 2018


Doing a little systems loving today....
getting there
sorting out a clear workable system for clients to make orders and workshop staff to process them.
at the moment I do far too much of the processing
It takes up hours and days of my time....

So I have asked clients to get on board and help by using the forms that I have trained our staff to respond to. They are a great crowd so they are onto it..... surprising how long it takes if the order is in a slightly different format to get it to a state my team can understand and have it print out on one page.
A little thing but a spread out order is more likely to have elements missed.
Working on super bossy I have also asked ALLLLL orders to only come in on the order forms not through the million and one channels clients and I use to chat.
Things get forgotten, again. My mind is more like a sieve by the day.

The big one is the workshop crew- time to step away from the children and let them/ push them a little to grow up.

System is pretty good now, but if people don't follow it- it doesn't work.
We employ people to use their skills and I am getting insistent they use them and pick up tasks and follow through.
I am way too busy doing things other could and should do .... then there is a lot of marketing and designing I don't do.
Getting there but it is such a continual learning curve getting it all in place....

Next few weeks the office will move as I change hats- Moorish Delights of Andalusia and Morocco here we come!
so looking forward to it, then a week in Budapest R&R and R&D for a new tour idea.

this was us last year on our anniversary heading to Lake Palace in Udaipur....this year we will be in Madrid, 
what an amazing year we have had. 
Praveen is really nailing it will our natural colour unit and response has been so good.....

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