Sunday, January 29, 2006

still talking

I just sent a blog in via my word programme but can't add an pics- a disappointment as it does check typos.

looking the blog up I thought boy! the name sounds a bit nostalgic which was not my intention. when creating new work I usually feel I am a bit daydreamy and a source of inspiration lately has been places I have travelled to and things I have seen. I work for my memories and impressions of these places.

Prior to this body of work I have taken inspiation from things I have seen and let imagination and the hands of the Gods in the creative process help to produce the finished pieces [ you can see above an image of pieces in my last exhibition "Botanica Exotica"- inspired by a visit to the Singapore botannical gardens]
I wonder why the bogger pops the pictures where it wants and not where I want?

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