Friday, February 03, 2006

It is so hot and steamy I can't sleep, so I thought would add some pictures to this site.
I have just finished my Master's project and he exhibition is now hanging in the Gallop gallery in Wagga Wagga.
I am off to India tomrrow so there won't be any my images until I return but I will try and update some interesting things I find. [ sometimes this blogger is not co-operative about loading images- or what am I doing wrong?]

The countryside is on the road to Wagga Wagga- the most amazing shade of bleahed gold. So dry it makes you wonder will it ever rain again and the smell even from the car window as i was speading along... a hot dustieness, warm hay....

Gallery picture of the Australian wall i my exhibition subtle memories/ vivid impressions. work that looks at memories and impressions of two journeys- one Far West NSW and the other in Rajasthan India. There are a series of textile 'postcards'

this is a close up of one piece from the Indian wall

"Ranakpur : marble forest"

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