Friday, January 27, 2006

you can see how i started out wondering what to do with this blog idea, I
have since finished all my work for University- now just need to await the results and the piece of paper.

all of a sudden I have tiem on my hands and so little is seems to do.

been busy this week working towards ideas for my next exhibition.
I'll see if I can load a photo[ this is where i got frustrated last time and left the blog behind....] fingers crossed

I did it! Boy does it take a while to load up...

the starting point for this piece was the wrapping cloth around a parcel from India[ posting a parcel from India is so cool- it is stitched up before you send it.

well the theme I have been exploring for some while is travels and other places... so I took the wrapping cloth ripped into 12 and used it as the basis of each small piece.

I am off to Inida again next week and will take those pieces to hand stitch whilst i am away.

OOPs that photo of India was supposed to land down here.

it is my favourite photo- I love the shade of red. It is the elephant parking spot at Amber Fort outside of Jaipur- absoutely beautiful.

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