Sunday, February 19, 2006

Back in Delhi, Tour starts tomorrow- so exciting.
i am a little nervous but have done my homework and everything should be fine.

I am trying to see India as it was that first time i got here- i was so happy from the time i got off the plane but also thinking " oooooooooooohhhhhhhhh my goodness- what have i done"
so i am trying to run things in such away that people have a little time to aclimatise. Really though this place is like jumping into the frezing pool up in the rainforest behind my place.
you can't really ease in your just have to jump in feet first gasping and laughing as the shock hits you.

Went to visit a brand new temple complex this morning- surely it will be recognized as one of the modern wonders of the workld. the blurb said 3 million man hours went into the carving and construction of the complex. it is all pink Rajasthani sandestone and white marble and is so beautiful inside the main temple you could almost cry.

add to that the thousands of Indian ladies in their gorgeous saris and salwar kamiz in everycolour of the rainbow, replete with sparkle and style and you would think you are in heaven or any other name you would choose to give that idea.

Sitting on the train last night thinking cloth, layers af organza- pieced to alow different colours to emerge then overstitched in the simple running stitch of the Katha style and you wouldd start to build up a very interesting fabric for a jacket- who you put a fine layer of wool in there and felt it first for warmth and i would guess duribility?
i am happy here and in no hurry to go home but would also like a bit of time in the studio to try the idea out.

bye for now

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