Wednesday, April 05, 2006

getting back into work

I like the idea of this blog more than I am making use of it- always seems too much of a bother to connect up and post to it.
It just dawned on me I can just scribble away and post it up as part of my morning routine when I check emails etc…..slow or what!?

Been experimenting with postcards and looking at the work of Hundertwasser. Combining that with memories of India [ always on my mind] I have come up with some bits I am happy with. A simple exercise like this has been good to warm up the studio after being away 2 months as well this seemed so India and Hundertwasser at once. In the Jain temple all the images of the saints or God’s have white glass eyes- very intense and then I found a shop in Udaipur where I could buy them for my statues at home if I wished. They stared at me all the way down the street!

Rust dyeing on the week end- wonderful earthy shades- photos coming.

A girlfriend is keen on it but it has scared me a bit because the caustic soda you need to use can chew off fingers if you are not careful.

What got us started is trying to make an iron black dye-or is it stain- like my Dyer friend in Udaipur does.
He said soak iron with jaggery sugar in water… it seems there is a little more than that and I now have it fermenting to see how that helps it?


kimber the wolfgrrrl said...

Beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome!

Sarah said...

I love what you're doing - show us some more!