Friday, April 28, 2006

physical work and satisfaction

I have finally been able to get out of the house and studio and into the back yard.

My boys have helped and I have moved the chickens into their new pen down the back- roof an absolute patchwork of wire mesh and have planted a vegies garden in the old chook [ Australian for chicken] yard
The cockys [parrots] are my girls- they are family antiques [ over 40years old] and passed onto me with the demise of a grandparent and were very interested to watch and comment on all the proceedings.

the point of this ramble? it is so good to do something physical- I have spent the last year and a half at the computer- I have calluses on my knees from the ergonomic chair! and a very fat bum and NO stamina from such a sendintary life style.

now every muscle aches but I feel much friskier in my self- have a vegies garden that will demand my attention- ideas for the studio percoltaing through my soul and due to the physical exhaustion took the time to sit on the front verandah to watch the sun set.

working from home and on my own business and although I consider myself an artist first and foremost to stay out of the starving artist catagory[ with hungry teenage boys this is very important!] I have to consider my passion a business and do all the right things.

They say an artist must suffer for their work- well I think that is where the paper work comes in and the endless correspondence to follow up on opportunities to share my work- still you get to chat to some nice people along the way and really appreciate the creative time so it ain't all bad

Get outside in the fresh air work up a sweat - your creative work will appreciate it!

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