Sunday, April 30, 2006

what the Universe has to offer....

Hello and thank you to those who have emailed me. it feels strange though because there are no names- just the email tag. it adds to the feeling of dissociation of the whole web expereince.
I know by being so "exhibitionist" [is that a good description- it sounds a bit wild for howI would describe myself] anonyminity is part of the game- but I still need to get my head around it.

Just teaching workshops where participants have obviously taken an interest in me and checked me out via my website is always a funny feeling. usually I have been a part of exchanges of information about me... oh well it is a modern world and curiouser and curiouser all the time.

I have just received some good news I will be hanging an exhibition in Paducah next year to conincide with the Quilt Week held there next April- fantastic! i can do my tour in India and hang around for a few weeks in Delhi[ there are lots of opportunities to do volunteer work nd it is a great city] and then fly onto the States. Anyone wnt me to do a workshop- i'll be around Kentucky- just let me know.

I have a few ideas I want to explore but now I have a venue it is time to get my head around what I want to explore in these works.

above are some snaps of what I have been doing . The first one is from a new body of work- the idea actualy came from the line I put on the back cover of my Masters exhibition catalogue, so it feels nice to be using it as a spring board. 'there' is only 'here' in another location.... don't know where I came up with the line but i love it - such a good descritpion of how i feel as a result of travelling.

the coloured one has just come back from touring Japan for two years and so it is almost like meeting it for the first time [ it is for sale by the way...] it is part of my Soulscapes Series and there still feels like i have some things to explore there- but a whole exhibition?

what to do what to do.?

a good morning to you all


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Karoda said...

hi fiona, i'm in louisville, kentucky (more than likely, you'll fly directly into louisville before going to paducah). what workshops do you offer?