Friday, April 14, 2006

rust dyeing

From a pot of yuk- amazing colours will emerge.
These were pieces i had painted years ago for a quilt and they weren't right. so i thought they would be great to experiment on.
as the fabric drys in the sun rich rusty colours start to emerge- the small darkest piece on the right is where the others are heading to...
Caustic sode is part of the brew so rubber gloves and great care are necessary- i felt like one of the witches out of Macbeth standing over my cauldren stirring this stuff up.
my friend has coloured me other fabric that i used to make i was sewing it it seemed very ' metallic' and the trousers had a distict rustle as i was walking in them that that fabric does not normally have. The Tin man must have ounded like that everyday!
a great experience [ and addictive to my friend who is always searching for new shade, a new pattern] and you feel very brave using things that can eat your hands away very easily!
as you may guess i am not really a chemicals type at all!
home today and back to the studio to sew.....
and ponder- i need to plan what to do next year- always things are so far inadvence- workshops to teach, where to go? i am thinking of applying for a residency Os some where next year- who knows how it will go?

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