Saturday, April 08, 2006

a routine for working

blogger is a funny bugger, i can't seem to control where the images go... it seems you need toput them in in the reverse order you wish them to appear.
just looking through correspondence there are a number of art quilt competitions i would like to try out for.
i like entering things as i literaly drags me out to the studio and says focus!
from there i get tied of focussing on some one else's project and am also warmed up and can flow more easily into my work.
there is so much to do- all these art quilt bits but also an exhibition or two [ wow] and preparation for my around the world ticket and lots of exciting places to visit and people to meet and exchange ideas with [ it is commonally labelled teaching but i always find i learn so much i think of it as an exchange!]
so what is happening in the snaps?- laying out felts and the finished pieces. these i will now stitch into with the machine or by hand... they are just sample size i have some ideas to work through...i love the look of the materials at everystep along the way....
i have not been one to use a journal to record ideas but am increasingly realising its value.
it is easy to stay with what is comfortable if you just work on what comes to the surface of your imagination - where as if you use the journal to jot thigs down as you start to get them you have some memory to snag on to retrive and work back into- your work then eveloves... or so i am thinking.

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