Tuesday, June 27, 2006

It may not be that creative but it is satisfying.
And in beautiful Indian silk- I bought the silk because I loved the colours years ago [ I am not usually a buy for a stash person] then worried it might fade if I used it in exhibition work…now I have the perfect use for it.

We will have the flashest reception sign at the airport!

I have made a banner to make it easier to meet up with my tour participants at the New Delhi airport. Of the whole tour this is the part I worry about the most- as it so busy it is can be quite overwhelming.
Another thing to tick off my to do list and back to the studio…..

And here is a first attempt at some flowers- a friend's daughter is getting married at a time when there is not a lot of flowers around so we might felt and bead a bunch of these to decorate things with… [ I have known Skye since a very young girl and now she is getting married- boy does time fly…]

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