Thursday, June 22, 2006

Welcome to my exhibition Indian Dreamings- it is only small- 12 pieces but has given my a lot of enjoyment [ once I started to relax and get on with it- rather than agonize over it!] and some valuable thinking space to build up some ideas for my next [ larger exhibition in Sydney ] later this year.

I had an interesting meeting in Sydney from a Japanese curator and a piece of my work will go into an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, Saitama [Tokyo].

The exhibition is Ecology Earth Art 21, and is associated with the Kids Earth Fund- a charity who support environmental and artist education for children, they use the artist endeavors to raise funds and awareness in the developed world to fund projects in the third world for kids who need a lot more than a day painting, such as orphanages and refuges and food and education.
great work they are doing.

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Karoda said...

Your exhibit looks good...heres wishing the larger one attracts lots to see your wonderful work...makes me want to try felting, but I'm trying to stay on course with my current work...