Sunday, July 09, 2006

hello I am home and in the studio, boy does it feel good- having something you value to do with your time is , I think a big basis of the problems i could see out west- it is still disturbing to think about....

this is what i have been up to and much more happening
iIforgot the images would jump up to the top - so back to front like usual.

I have started a new series called Elements- focusing in on the basic aspects of a place.
the purple/green is a deatil of 'Elements: Saltbush'
the other one is 'Elements: Jodhpur" and then I came across 2 pics of Jodhpur so I included them for interest- one is the Palcae up on Meheranghir Fort and the other is the view from the Fort ramparts out over the old city. In India you will often hear Jodhpur refered to as the Blue City and now the reason becomes obvious.

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