Monday, July 17, 2006

Thank you to those who send me comments- I really appreciate it [ for some reason some I can’t email back to with a personal thank you??] and if you ever in this neck of the woods please contact me you are welcome to visit.

I attended a seminar on ‘textiles’ in Australia on the weekend at the College of Fine Arts in Sydney- part of the University of NSW, I think.
Very interesting- there were presentations from some of the heads of dept of the textiles sections of some Arts schools and others. Great to get a chance for an insight into what’s happening at an academic level, frustrating to hear once again of the squeeze our elected govt is putting on all things educational and cultural.

The seminar was running concurrently to the opening a national touring exhibition organized by the Tamworth Regional gallery. Very interesting work examining time and place both on a personal level and some within a more ‘historical’ context.

The seminar highlighted for me the importance of being clear about the the work you are trying to produce but also the importance of being articulate about it. Now I don’t think a great long essay is necessary for you to appreciate the work but I did feel there was a subtle link in getting what the work is trying to convey and those who were able to be articulate in this seminar situation.

This suggested to me the clearer I am in my writing and artist’s statement, much of which is just stuff I scribble in my notebook- not necessarily for dissemination, the more I will also refine what it is I am trying to say, or in my case I am usually trying to evoke a feeling, and the clearer it will reach my audience.

Back to the sewing machine- I am working up some pieces and should refrain from distraction……

Oh but…I also noticed there seems to be 2 ways practitioners go about their practice, one seemed quite planned from the outset- a thoughtfulness in the process and the other came more from responding to what happens during the process[ I always feel this is like a gift from the Gods- see what evolves and go with it] both methods overlap but are also subtly different. Probably a personality thing and also dependent on the media you use.

Ok sewing machine is now shouting!
good to type something not just talk to myself for hours whilst i work....bye

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