Monday, July 24, 2006

Hello, the sewing machine and washing machine are smoking- I am working flat out to finish things for my Australian exhibition and have things to take with me when i fly out on 11 Sept to hang in an exhibition in the UK....And iI am making clothes to waer as well!!
here are a few bits as a preview.
the first one has been completely felted by an electric sander- doesn't really suit my current themes but i think will prove useful for more misty location like the Uk when i am working on some images after my trip there??? I will see. Of the other 2 one refers to Australia- White Cliffs to be exact and one India- can you guess which is which? Duuhhh?
it is great to be really running with ideas and producing a whole body of works at once - rather than a piece for here and one for there.... bye


Elle said...

Love the textures on these pieces!

Anonymous said...

This stuff is really righteous!