Sunday, July 30, 2006

bags and gardening

This first photo is out and out bragging- look what my vegie garden has produced. I have been neglecting the garden for ages and finally got out there.
i make the effort to do literally 5 mins a day but even that is yeilding results, and the satisfaction of home grown veg is great as well as the taste.

next image is a detail of when 'there' was 'here'. oops I just realised it is hanging in front of something else- it ends at the whiter border and will go into a deep balck frame.

Here is a new bag for my upcoming travels. I have recycled 2 panels [ I needed the frames for new pieces] from an old series cloth[e]s all the rest have sold- recycling them into a bag seems rather fitting as the idea of the clothes being hidden with in the cloth was my idea behind the series.
above is a detail- i have over stitched the surface heavily fro the texture and to make the fabric as hard wearing as i can


jenclair said...

Love the bag! Had your blog bookmarked, but had not yet associated name and blog I've got it. :)

Elle said...

Beautiful bag! Love the colors!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Really love the colors!