Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I am so excited- I have just found out there is to be a cultural fair in Jaipur next January[ the first of many- I hope]
Not only do I wish I could be there and will certainly be at the next one but if you read the website you can see they are sort of a cultural Greenpeace.
By bringing prestige to the arts and crafts[ and most importantly income] it will help keep them as an live and vital part of the culture.
People have their traditions and a love of activities but if they literally can’t feed the family they will wonder at their value and we will become a society where everything is the same [ Macdonald’s society] but if through a global influence we can all support and enjoy the uniqueness of each area, each person we will have a truly rich home- the Earth.

And truly Jaipur is a fantastic place to visit and the thought of all those activities and the venues for music etc- WOW it would be magical for anyone to see and experience.

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