Friday, August 25, 2006

just about there- exhibition

I don't like to build up 'stuff'- usually i have a very small 'stash'in the studio. I gave a store of whit silk and wool waiting to be coloured and used up in a project but that is all.
i have been so busy that i have been dyeing larger amounts of silk and now i have a whole pile of stuff. it is starting to press on me to be used up not accumulated.

this litle piece that is awaitng stitch was a success because i quite liked how it turned out and because i incorporated into the light piece.
The light piece was a UFO that has been staring at me for some time- i liked it eatherialk quality but could not ever work out how to present it.

finally incorporating it into a different piece breaks the pressure- life doesn't always work out as you want sometimes you have to re-adjust your angle on it - was the lesson for me.

yesterday i installed my next exhibition- you are welcome to visit, the opening is Saturday, at Ewart Gallery, 33 Laurel St, Willoughby [email me for more directions]
i have been working at breakneck pace to transform material [left] into finished pieces- there is a close up of some, and am quietly pleased with my progress.

of cours i already have thoughts on what i will do next time, but i feel quite pleased ith the outcome so far[ that is huge to say about my own work!!] i always give students a talking to about the importance of finding something to appreciate in their work as it gives them a point to grow from but must admit i have a hard time doing that with myself.
well i am quietly pleased with my progress and will post a couple of snaps of the exhibition on Sunday to share.

bye- a million and one more things to do before my big trip in 3 weeks
[ i just booked my ticket to Paris and am soooooooo happy to really being able to visit Paris again WWOOOWWW!]

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