Sunday, October 08, 2006

English countryside

i am in the laundrey cupboard off my room at the moment as the wireless reception is beter here.
i am staying in a Georgan Manor house out in the country away from everryone- which make s me laugh as it is only 10 mins in thee car to a big town and there is a pub 2 mins walk around the corner for meals.
so beautiful out in the country, so small everything looks hand tended.
i went walking along country lanes last night looking in the hedge rows. really that is the wild are here, 1 metre wide and full of such diversity. things we have to tend so carefully growing rampent[ buddliah being a point in mind- it grows as a weed here rather than the way we have to nurse it along for lack of water.
i am sure you could make the basics of a meal out of the hedge rows most nights- last night i found heaps of blackberries, plump and jiucy, there werre lots of greens for a salad.. and then plenty of birds living and nesting in them and the occasional mysterious hole where some small animal passes through, unfortuneatley i don't know the natives well enough to gues at who.
i was finding London and having to haul my bags around a bit hard going, but realising in London ae a taxi with the bags to the right rail station [no tube] and the friendliness of the country and i am feeling recovered again.
teaching is going well, people have such a rich textile education here- things like the City and Guiolds and so many other courses on offer- it is quite exciting.
i am building up many snaps and images and starting to burst with ideas so when i get home to the studio it will be great [ i know it is quite a while yet]

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