Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lake district

I am currently in the Lake district in the north of England, what a superb place and how lovely are the locals.
The pic is of Highan Hall , my home away from home and a place where they run residential courses.
This is my first residential course and boy do I like it. I have a great group and being able to spend so much time in the studio[ a studio that is fantastic by the way] and then chat over meals etc and wander back and work in spare minutes is heaven.
the rural scene is what you feast your eyes on when you look out from the Hall, the grass in the fields is so green and lush it is better than most Australian lawns and it grows so fast the animals can't keep it down.

I am really enjoying the English countryside and people a whle different world from the whirlwind of London and yet so very close.

This was in the latest Craft Australia newsletter, comments from a very innovative and exciting Newcastle based clothing designers. good advice for all of us though.

Tips from the shopfloor
"High Tea with Mrs Woo" notes that the best advice they ever received was from Brian Parkes at Object who told them, "Say yes to everything."
They attribute their growing success to attending workshops and seminars, entering competitions, applying for grants and collaborating with other like-minded people. They say, "getting out there to meet as many people as possible is important".
This is the link to their blog site, if you are interested

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